One of the many questions we get asked from new online businesses and entrepreneurs, is what is the best way to build relationships with new customers? 

To simply answer that question, you would need to sign up to an email service which will allow you to send automated broadcasts to your email list, an email list is built by using sign up forms or commonly known as (opt-in forms), similar to the one on the home page of this website.

Aweber is an email autoresponder that allows you to create emails lists and sign-up forms, with Aweber you have a range of templates to choose from to find the right one for your business needs. 

An email autoresponder is the only way to build relationships with new customers online, you can then promote your products and services to these new customers.

The Legacy follow-up series:

To save you time the Aweber legacy follow-up series allows you to set up an email sequence that is sent out automatically,

once the new subscriber has confirmed to receive emails from your list.

You can write pre-written emails which you would then add to the legacy follow-up,

the emails will now be sent automatically at your chosen time frame, for example daily, weekly or monthly.

The whole idea is to automate the email marketing process.
At we have set up a daily email sequence for our new customers, which runs for 30 days, this allows us to establish a relationship with the new customers so that we are able to provide as much value as possible.

The best customers are repeat customers to build long term relationships must keep providing value!

What type of emails should you be sending?

√ Emails which answer the customer’s problems

√ Emails which offer a solution to the customer’s problem

√ Products and services which offer a solution to the customer’s problem

√ Emails which provide informative value to answer the customer’s problem

√ Emails which establish you as the authority to solving the customer’s problem

√ Value is the key to any business model, this has to be the basis of your marketing strategy, the money part will handle itself.

Structuring your emails

1st email: Introduction welcoming the new subscriber and what they should expect from the emails you will be sending 

2nd email: Follow-up based on what the customer has recently purchased, offer a discount or one-time offer, as a thank you for joining the list.

All the emails following the first and second should be based on providing more value to the customer, in most cases the customer would not have purchased anything, your job is to sell the product in the way that the customer would like to receive it, the only way we can do that is to provide value.

Value can be in the form of one time offers, discounts, free trials, free eBooks, coaching, and training, anything that will explain the product or service and why they should buy from you instead of the competition.

Aweber pricing:

Aweber starts at $19/month with 30 day Free Trial period, read our previous post to learn more about how the pricing is structured.

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