The Google Trends tool is an online search tool created by Google LLC, it allows internet marketers and online businesses to see how often certain keywords, topics, and phrases have been entered in the Google search engine.

In turn, users can use the data collected to optimize for blog post content, niche research or to locate potential customers.

To start using the Google trends tool, simply enter a search term or topic of your choosing,

it will display the interests overtime in months and years, based on the number of interests it will give a score from zero – one hundred, the higher the score, the more that people are interested in that search term or topic.

The tool will also give you the option to view this by sub-region it will display the countries and cities that have the highest rating, you can then use the data collected to optimize for your business’s needs.

On ‘’the related topics’’ section is a list of the related search terms that people query after searching for your chosen topic.

The Google Trends Tool will list five of the most popular related terms which it will mark as ‘’Breakout’’ this will also correspond with the data shown on the graphs.

To summarize the google trends tool is used to see more detailed insights into a search term, you can then use this data to refine  and optimize marketing content. 

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