Setting up a Facebook Ad

When setting up a Facebook Ad you need to be specific in selecting your target audience, you need to be precise when structuring the Ad, this will help to narrow down the reach and get your ads seen by more people.

1. Google Trends Tool 

The google trends tool is just that ‘’a trend tool’’ it gives you insights on which location a search term is popular,

the trends tools will display a percentage and based on that percentage you are able to judge where you should be targeting your Facebook Ads.

2. Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is more focused when giving a traffic estimate, with the keyword planner you are able to see the potential traffic amount for the search term,

the keyword planner is for Google Ads however we can use the information it provides to help tailor our Facebook Ads as it is the only way to see what people are searching for?

Use this tool in conjunction with the ‘trends tool’ to clearly define the target location and search term.

Boosting posts In Facebook


The only way you are able to run an AD on Facebook is through fan pages.

A Facebook Ad is essentially a boosted post!

To start running the Ad you need to boost the post from your Facebook’s fan page timeline.

Assuming that you have defined the target locations and search terms using the tools above, you now need to select the potential interests of the people you will be targeting.

In the Ads set-up in Facebook, you are basically refining what you have gathered using the Google search tools mentioned above.Just simply set the interests to refine the audience .

These are the question you should be asking;

Ice Hockey example:

– What are top Ice hockey players?
– What are Top Ice hockey brands? 

– What clothing do hockey fans wear? 

– What are the best hockey sticks?

You need to get in the mind of the person who would be interested in the Advert, think clearly in terms of the customers’ needs and wants.

If you have done your job correctly the potential reach of your audience should be around 50 thousand people, the lower the reach the more specific and defined the audience, (this is what you want).

A potential reach of 500 thousand people for example, is not good, as it will be costly and will take longer to reach that amount of people, this would not be a defined audience.

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