Creating Email Messages In Aweber

Creating an email sequence in Aweber is quick and simple.

With the drag & drop builder you can customize and tailor individual emails with company logo and email signature.

To start composing the message, firstly Login to your aweber dashboard and select ‘’messages’’

on the top ribbon menu, a new page will open, which will display all your created messages, the page will be blank where there are no created messages to display.

Click on the green ‘’create message’’ button on the top right corner of the page to start, the sub-menu on the button will give you three options;

1). Create messages using the drag & drop email builder

2). Create messages using plain text

3). Create messages using the HTML Editor

For the benefit of this post and automation we will be creating our first message using the first option,

the drag and drop builder, it is Awebers propriety component that allows the user to easily compose and finish a message by dragging and dropping pre-built elements which make up the completed message.

Once in the editor, you will see that it is divided into three sections, on the left hand side you have the elements (drag & drop items) such as image, video, social buttons, heading, text, company logo and your email signature.

The middle section in the editor is where you will place the elements, (this is where the work will show).

The third section is on the right hand side, we will use this to upload the content for the drag and drop elements.

Start by dragging and dropping the image element (left hand side) and click edit,

the right hand side will now give you the option to upload your chosen image, you will be able to adjust the size and enter and enter a URL for where you would like the image to re-direct when your customer click on the image.

Follow the same process for all the drag and drop elements located on the left hand side, use the right hand side to upload the content for each element.

When  happy with your message click save and exit (bottom right hand corner), you can access the message again in the home page of the Aweber dashboard by clicking on the messages section on the top ribbon menu.

Create around 30 messages ‘in chronological order’, in the next steps will show you how to automate them so that your new subscribers can receive them automatically through the Aweber Legacy Follow Up sequence (auto-responder).

Aweber Messages – Legacy follow up sequence

In this section we will show you how to automate your created messages,

On the top ribbon menu of the Aweber dashboard click on the ‘’messages’’ tab.

The screen should now display all the messages you have created, to automate these messages click on the ‘’send options’’ button and select ‘’add to follow up series’’

( do this for all the messages you want to add).

The settings pop up editor will open, here you will have the control over the time and tracking of when you would like the email to be sent.

  • Interval – number of days after the previous email
  • Send window – day / time of day
  • Message options – tracking

Previously we mentioned creating around 30 emails, for the interval setting we will want to send the messages daily,

this is so we can quickly build relationships with our new subscribers by following up with them daily to offer value through our products and services. 

The messages will now be automated, so ensure to create a chronological sequence.

( the way you want the next email to read – after the previous).  Click the green ”add to follow up” button and the email will now be added to  be received automatically by the new subscriber. 

To access the new follow up sequence, click on the messages tab on the top ribbon menu and select ( legacy follow up series).


  • Test the series by opting in to your list 
  • Confirm the subscription in the junk folder 
  • The first email in the series will be sent ”immediately”
  • Free email templates 

If you do not receive the first email, it may be due to that aweber is still reviewing the emails, so wait a few days.  After 4 days please contact Aweber support they are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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