Setting a target audience in Facebook fan pages

To start paid advertising on Facebook, you must first sign up to business manager from your personal profile, Facebook will create a separate account for advertising.

Adverts are boosted within fan pages, so you will also need to create one for your business, this is where the promotions will run,

the business manager, is the back-end, this is where facebook will allow you to collaborate and give others permissions to manage the fan page.

Here are the steps to creating a target audience within the fan page.

Login to your personal profile and select the fan page you want to run ads on.

On the top navigation menu just above the profile picture and cover photo (fan page)

Click the ‘’Ad tools’’ button, the page will display the statistics of the number of people reached, post engagements and link clicks of all your recent promotions.

To create a target audience, select the ‘’audiences’’ tab just below the ‘’promote’’ button, left hand side of the page.

A new page will open, this is where all your created audiences will show.

Click ‘’create audience’’ to being, insert the name for the audience for example (Shopify Ads), enter the demographics such as; Age, gender, location and interests.


  1. Be Specific

The larger the audience the more time and money it will take to reach those people, so narrow down the reach by clearly defining who the people you are targeting are.

  1. Know Your Audience

It is your job to know the interests of the people you are targeting, make a list of every little detail about your customer, where do they live?

What products are they likely to buy? Who is the competition?  What do their customers like? 

Insert all you have gathered in the interests section Facebook will give you an indication of whether your audience is clearly defined or not. 

Summary: once your audience has been created run your first promotion and test with different content types for example video or image Ads,

stick with what is working best, with facebook it will always be a hit or miss so testing is very important. 

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